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Use UBER PLUMBERS and you’ll enjoy our sustainable, exceptionally high-quality services at a reasonable price. You can KNOW how much your job will cost quickly and easily through our innovative quotation platform, handled by experienced engineers who’ll understand the scope of work, the material requirements, and the amount of labour necessary to get the job done right.
And KNOWING the job will be DONE RIGHT is another really, really GOOD reason to choose us. Our aim is as simple as our mission statement: to provide quality service, effectively and efficiently. UBER PLUMBER’s engineers work at the cutting edge of plumbing and heating technologies, enabling us to give customers all over the London area the very BEST in updates, designs, and installations.
And getting the VERY BEST of all of this is the third really, really GOOD reason to choose us!

Where are we?

We're based in Central London. From there, we venture forth on more than simply leak repairs or unblocking troublesome drains — although don’t get us wrong, we like to do the simple stuff, too! But we at UBER PLUMBERS also pride ourselves on impeccable competence and reliability no matter how complex your needs are.
Have a water or gas emergency? No worries: we operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So for those pesky clogged drains, frozen pipes, or damaging leaks…we’re here to help. Commercial or residential, large or small, simple or mind-boggling. Day or night, we’re at hand: just call us at 0800 148 8173.



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Gimme Some Facts About Plumbing

Greek Athletes used modern showering systems
Thomas Crapper Co.
Invented The Modern Toilet
Years Ago
Ancient Egyptians used the same piping material that Modern plumbing uses
The amount of copper piping laid in the last 50 years could stretch from London to the moon & back


You get it ALL with UBER

  • High-quality service — done RIGHT

  • Rapid response — we show up on time, when YOU need us

  • All your questions answered — from materials, labor, and problem-solving to making sure your work meets all safety and health requirements.


Got a leak?

You might want to close the door and forget about it...but we already know that kind of thing doesn't work (Just ask Noah).

Instead, call UBER.

We'll be out in a flash to take care of it for you before you're forced to go for the life jackets!


Unless you’re terrifically handy (and if you are, come work for us!), installing new taps, a water heater, or that lovely soaking tub can end up soaking YOU. Simplify your life: let our professional, certified engineers handle any installation you have, large or small:

  • Changing valves 
  • Renovation, bathroom furnishings
  • Installation of shower screens, trays
  • Installing powerful pumps
  • Installation of shower enclosures, tiles


Fixing up, sprucing up, cleaning up — UBER loves renovations!

We’ll roll up our sleeves and get right into helping bring about a fresh, updated look for your kitchen and bathroom.

From initial plans to material and supply suggestions, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Give us a call for quick quotes today!


Routine maintenance? We’re standing by to help keep your premises in superb shape.

Emergency repairs? No problem.

Give us a call for prompt inspection and diagnosis of any pipework problems or changes you may need.

OUR priority is YOUR satisfaction — work done punctually, properly, and professionally.

Great ormond street hospital charity

The Directors of Uber Plumbers have been in contact with GOSH and pledged to help raise money for this great charity. We have great pride in being able to display the ‘in aid of’ logo.
 Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity